Dylan Krysko and Meredith Greb

Dylan Krysko and 33 year old Meredith Greb. Dylan after a regular checkup at his doctor’s office and complaining about frequent headaches was told to head directly to CHOP. After emergency surgery to remove a cancerous tumor at the base of his spine Dylan developed Posterior Fossa Syndrome. The syndrome cause problems with speech and language, motor skills and mood changes. He receives Physical and Occupational Therapy as well as 4 months of radiation and chemotherapy.


Meredith at her soon to be mother in laws birthday celebration was rushed to hospital after having a seizure. After finding a tumor she was then rushed to The University of Pennsylvania Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery to remove the cancerous tumor. Since that time Meredith has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments which she will continue through the end of this year.


Update: Dylan has been cancer free for nearly 2 years now and has had to relearn almost all of his motor skills. But he is coming back stronger than ever and nothing can keep a smile off of his face.

Meredith has been cancer free since the beginning of 2020 and gets regular check ups with her doctor. She and her husband are healthy and living happily in Levittown, Pa.


The Swenson Family

The Swensons are a family of five living in Warminster PA. Hap and Christine are high school sweethearts and have been married for 18 years. They have three beautiful daughters. Thirteen-year-old, Abby, twelve-year-old Maddie, and nine-year-old, Isabelle. 

Maddie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was just 7 years old. The family celebrated every act of bravery and every small victory toward a cancer free life. Maddie finished her treatment on her 10th birthday and they could not have been happier that this chapter of her life was behind her. 

This past Thanksgiving Day Maddie celebrated her 12th birthday and her parents were bursting with pride and an intense sense of gratitude as they watched their beautiful daughter blow out her birthday candles. One week later their world came crashing down as they were told Maddie had relapsed. Maddie’s Leukemia had returned. No child should ever have to face cancer, but to battle cancer twice seems unfathomable. Maddie’s strength is unwavering. She is stoic and brave, ready to battle this demon for a second time. The family is finding strength in her immense courage. This past December, Maddie began an intense treatment plan that is expected to last another two and a half years. Please keep Maddie & the Swenson family in your thoughts and prayers as they face childhood cancer again 

As of August 2021 Maddie was entering the final stages of her treatment with great success. Although some side effects of such a treatment will leave Maddie with some tough work to do to get back to normal. She is headed back to school with her friends which she is very excited about. 

2021 Honoree

Fred Schrandt

This year’s outing is in memory of Southampton’s own Fred Schrandt. Fred was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early 2021. He fought tirelessly for months but succumbed to this horrific disease on June 25th, 2021. 


He was loved and cherished by many people including: his wife Dorothy Schrandt (Petonak) of Yardley, PA; his parents, Fred Schrandt and Nancy Schrandt (Poole) of Brigantine, NJ.; his children, Freddie, and Abby of Yardley; and his sisters, Michelle McCloud (Sean) and Nancy Peglow (Billy). He was also cherished by many loving nieces and nephews.


A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated in Fred’s name to “Giving to Penn Pancreatic Cancer Research Center Fund”. It is Fred’s family’s wish that we remember him by helping another family within our community, in need. With this wish in mind, we have one right on our doorstep. The incredibly generous Schrandt family has asked us to pay it forward….

The remaining funds from 2021's Take a Swing at Cancer was donated to Ed Kerr, who tragically lost his wife while she was giving birth to their sixth child and was close friend of the community. 



Hunter McCoy Smith & Danny "Dano" Hutchison

Hunter McCoy Smith came into the world on November 23rd, 2020, at 6 lbs 7oz of perfection, despite being 5 weeks premature. After a blissful 15 days of Hunter’s life he had routine bloodwork and a hearing screening at CHOP Philadelphia. Hunter had no response in his left ear, which prompted him to receive a brain scan immediately. 24 hrs after the brain scan, the Smith family received the most devastating news: at 4 weeks old Hunter had to undergo brain surgery to biopsy a large tumor in the left side of his brain. 

 On December 22nd, Hunter’s original due date, he was diagnosed with ATRT (Atypical Tertoid Rhabadoid Tumor), a very rare and aggressive brain tumor. It is a germ line mutation case, meaning it could show up in any other parts of his little body, including the spine, liver, pancreas, etc.

At just 5 weeks old, Hunter started to receive heavy chemotherapy. He’s since had 8 rounds of regular chemo, followed by another brain surgery at 6 months old to successfully remove a large portion of the tumor, but unfortunately the rest is inoperable. Hunter has gone through 3 rounds of Hi-Dose chemotherapy and 3 rounds of stem cell transplant. He has also had laser radiation therapy to the left side of his brain. There have been many successful and many failed treatments.

At 20 months old, Hunter is awaiting his next brain scan to determine the current extent of the tumor.

No parent should ever have to watch their child go through such traumatic, painful treatments like Hunter has had to endure, but it is with the help and support of friends, family, therapist, and community that help make these devastating times a little lighter. His family has asked that “if you pray at all, please pray for peace for baby Hunter, and wish him a happy and healthy life.”

Some know him as Danny…Dano…or Hutch, but his favorite name will always be Daddy or Pops. 

Danny Hutchison, our loving uncle, brother, nephew, husband, father, grandfather and everyone’s friend, is reaching the end of his journey in life.  

These past 5 years, the family has been dealt a tough hand. He suffered a heart attack in 2017, a debilitating stroke in 2019, which put him on permanent disability, and if that weren’t enough, he was diagnosed in 2020 with metastatic melanoma. 

   We all know and love Danny for his sense of humor and positive spirit!  He was always making up silly nicknames, and making us all laugh.  However, his greatest joy was being surrounded around the love of his family and the joy of spending time with his wife, 3 wonderful children & twin grandchildren. 

But, now we are left with the harsh reality of his cancer, which has spread quite rapidly and aggressively. 

Danny and his beautiful family have been surrounded by an army of support from family & friends. But, we realize we all want to be able to do more, and to help in any way possible.  

Through the last few years of various medical hurdles and 100s of doctors visits, we realize the burden this can leave on the family.  As Marie Pierre, his wife, has needed to take a leave from work, we have decided to establish a Celebration of Life Fund, as Danny enters into Hospice Care. 

Every little bit helps… even in a time that seems so incomprehensible.  We hope to be able to take care of any additional Medical Expenses, Services, and ultimately, alleviate any financial pressures as the family finds their new normal.

With a heavy heart, we Thank you! 



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